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“This story was born out of a decision to follow bone knowing when it arose. It began in 1989, when I listened to the “yes” vibrating through my bones and began a life with Tom. It continued in 2004, seven years after his death, when a vision quest made it loud and clear that I was to write a book; and again when a synchronistic meeting with an old acquaintance affirmed what story I’d tell.

In all honesty, it hadn’t occurred to me to put this part of my life to print. Things moved quickly after Tom’s death and I’d been caught up in a new life, inspired by the impact of the experience —and hence, focused on the present.

I’ve relived an immensely rich, albeit difficult, chapter of my life to write Bone Knowing because truth-telling about something as universal as impending death, connects us as human beings. Whether you read this because you relate to having a serious illness permeate your world, or because you’re inspired by stories that reveal the raw-beauty of transformation through life challenges, my hope is that you are moved to listen to your own deep knowing, however it calls to you.”