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Grief Tending Workshop - Canon Yurt

Loss is a universal human experience. Whether it is a loss of a dear one, a relationship, a home, or health—grief is the response. Many avoid their grief, believing there isn’t a place or time to support it. When grief gets pushed underground, it saps our energy. The irony is that the very feeling we fear can be the doorway to healing, transformation, and being fully alive.

Take the time to open the door and tend to your grief while being held in the nurturing environment of the Canon Yurt. In this one-day workshop, we will use life-affirming creativity, sensing into the body, ritual, and writing to encourage and support transformative movement through the grief you have been carrying—no matter how long it has been.

Participants’ experiences are enriched through witnessing and being witnessed by other group members. The day concludes with a collaborative ritual that honors each person’s grief journey.

Jennifer Allen, LMFT, ATR-BC and local author of Bone Knowing: A True Story of Coming to Life in the Face of Impending Loss will facilitate this journey.

Please bring a journal (optional) & bag lunch.

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