Esalen workshop – Bone Knowing:Using Art and Felt Sense to Access Inner Guidance

What do you know deep in your bones?

In the crazy pace of the world we live in, it can be difficult to access the wisdom we yearn for to guide us in relationships, life challenges, and creative blocks. Working from the “bones-up,” residual inhibitions around creativity drop away as we leave the realm of thinking and enter the body for guidance. Our body’s “felt-sense” opens us to a fresh perspective through the language of emotion, sensation, and metaphor. Learning to hold an opening and create from this place of presence inspires spontaneity and new knowledge via color, shape, symbol and word.

The Esalen Art Barn is where we practice guided sensing into our body’s brilliance and express it through paint, pastels, and collage, followed by writing exercises and group sharing. Each of our five days will build on the last, deepening the experience and culminating in knowledge that can inform our daily lives. All welcome!


abstract image from a dream blue wisps with green at center

Intuitive painting from dream

Date(s) - 11/30/2014 - 12/05/2014
All Day

Esalen Institute

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